May 6, 2015


Interviews – Part 1

Interview with students – part one: Habibi and Fatima

Sun shone brightly through the tall windows of the cozy room at the Diplomat Radisson.
Green palms swayed by the blue waters.
The students in that room – Fatima and Habibi – were busy with their sketches with Hamra having a sharp eye on their pages. Sketch books… water colours… pens… all flowed with the creative designs of the students.
Hamra was relaxed and was showing her students a few new sketches.


After the initial introductions by Hamra, MyRefractions settled by their desk to listen to their dreams and aspirations that would lead into that magnificently wonderful world of fashion.

Habibi Yaqub:
Habibi Yaqub looked business-like in her bold white – red – black combination. After 25 years of living in Saudi Arabia, Habibi – mother of three – came to Bahrain in 2010. A facial therapist and an accomplished interior designer, Habibi successfully catered to the needs of a higher clientele for many years. Passionate about arts, she had tried her creativity on quilt-making, water colouring and other art forms.


During that time she realised that her passions for art can find its ultimate realisation through fashion, something which she says “was never thought to be achievable, ever”. A meeting with an American lady opened up new avenues for Habibi’s artistic expressions through floral designs. All these led to meeting Hamra at a fashion show in Awali, organised by the American Womens’ Association (AWA), Bahrain. From that meeting onwards, Habibi never looked back. Thanks to Hamra’s continued patience and infinite encouragement, Habibi is now doing her level one at Lights, Camera, Fashion in Bahrain.

Habibi Yaqub dreams of opening a boutique shop in Bahrain which will showcase everything from formals to casuals.

Fatima Hussain:
An ever-smiling Fatima looked confident with her work. She had recently finished the challenging task of designing her own logo, a major work that students undertake in the level two course at Lights, Camera, Fashion. Born in Bahrain, Fatima is a Commerce graduate who was working in the banking sector and who enjoys shopping – both for herself and for her many friends. She is someone who loves making over and dreams colour. But how could a Commerce graduate enter into the world of Fashion? Fatima kept looking for an opening and that was when she found about the fashion designing course by Hamra. A quick telephone call led to a meeting and that was the start.


“When I first met Hamra, I did not even know how to draw”, said Fatima, laughing. She then displayed one of her first sketches. Amazing to see the long way she had come in a few weeks time. By the time one completes level one – which would take 9 weeks to complete – they would have changed a lot in terms of creative ability from where they had started gaining lots of confidence. With Hamra’s constant support and encouragement, the students achieve what was initially thought unachievable. Fatima is now in her level two and she shared her amazing sketch book.

Level two is about branding which is essential for the commercial success of any enterprise. Fatima holds within her the passion of Indian colours. Having finished the logo design, she is moving forward on to production in India. “The logo I had designed is inspired by the Tribal Sun.. it exudes confidence, energy and rejuvenation making the brand come alive”, says a highly confident Fatima, who reminds each aspiring fashionistas of any age to dream and believe in oneself. She is going to be focused on bridals.

MyRefractions was impressed by the journey of two of the several students of LCF from who they were to what they dreamed to be. All difference made by Hamra Alam and her creation, Lights, Camera Fashion. Their stories could be yours.