June 4, 2015


DailyTribune: Lights, Camera, Fashion!

A fashion designer in Bahrain is working to literally put the spotlight on able and disabled people, focusing on how they can be successful in society.

The designer and founder of Lights Camera Fashion, Hamra Alam will begin her first step to the goal with a charity and fashion show. The event will be held on January 28 at The K Hotel at 7.30pm. Sixty guests have confirmed their attendance at the event. Ms. Alam looks forward to hosting bi-monthly events by LCF, the next one taking place on March 24.

Ms. Alam said that through this event she would showcase people who are successful in life despite some obvious disabilities or obstacles in life. One of them includes a blind violinist. She is confident that he will inspire and be appreciated by guests to the event.
She will, in a future event also have one of her own family members display how one can be successful in life whether disabled or not. One of Ms. Alam’s sisters is disabled and heads a recruiting agency.

She also hopes that soon she will be able to host and have people with disabilities take to the catwalk in a fashion show, “I want disabled ladies on the catwalk, not just ladies, but men as well,” Ms. Alam explained.

At the charity event her elder brother, Rehan Alam will present a motivational talk on how obstacles in life can be overcome and how organisations should focus on diversity and fair employment. LCF has yet to decide on picking out of two charitable organisations in Bahrain where 80 per cent of the proceeds will be donated.

College and university students have been invited to the event as well to learn how young entrepreneurs and small businesses can succeed and how success is measured differently for everyone.

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