June 4, 2015


DailyTribune: Interview with Ms. Karkada

A 24-year-old woman with special needs proved that nothing is impossible by walking the ramp at a fashion show recently.
Jacintha Karkada was diagnosed with a rare virus when she was 10 years old. Half of her left leg and the toes of her right leg had to be amputated because of the problem.

“I was admitted in the hospital for almost eight months — I was in a lot of pain. The doctors said that my recovery was a miracle,” she recalled.

Ms Karkada now has a prosthetic leg below her knee. She participated in a special fashion show for the disabled, organised by Lights Camera Fashion Business Network Events owner and UK based designer Hamra Alam.

“The fashion show was amazing. I had no difficulties whatsoever,” Ms Karkada said. “My mother found out about the show and told me about it. It’s a really unique concept. The event was organised with the aim to spread the message that despite our disabilities, we can do whatever we want to.”

“I am very thankful to Ms Alam for giving me such a great opportunity and letting me be a part of her show,” Ms Karkada added.
Ms Alam said that she was very happy with the end result of her show. “Our aim was to provide an equal opportunity to all. We’ll invite Ms Karkada to participate in our next event too,” Ms Alam said.

Ms Karkada is now working in the sales department of a private company while completing her graduation at the Global institute of Management Science (GIMS).

“I am still looking for a better opportunity,” she said.

Ms Karkada told DT that the support she got from her school, friends and family is what gave her the strength to lead a normal life. Despite that, there are still a few challenges that she could face in the future.

“I am looking forward to getting my driving licence but I’m not sure how flexible the rules are for those who have prosthetics like me. I’m hesitant to apply for it,” she said.

She can be contacted at 34136076 or jaci.karkada@gmail.com.v

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