May 23, 2015


Celebrating 3 years of success

We as humans are all creative but somehow are not always exposed to the right environment that allows our creativity to unleash. Research indicates that creativity derives from the right side of the brain, which we all have, so how can we use it?

We are all born with artistic abilities, and this is Hamra Alam’s goal, to find that talent and revive it back to life.

So Who is Hamra Alam?

Hamra Alam is a fashion designer, founder of the brand H.A and the Co-Founder of lights camera fashion. Holding 15 years of experience in teaching fashion design courses throughout Pakistan and England, her focus was mainly stay at home mothers and children, as she believes that the passion in design can make anyone’s dream come true.

Being passion driven, Hamra tries to find joy in the little things in life and appreciating those pleasures that we often take for granted. “Micro pleasures” she called them.

She explains it as that moment when she waits for that whistle coming from her kettle to go off, then pours it into a pot and watches those tea leaves gently soak in, that moment of having her cup of tea in pure silence is her micro pleasure.

As an expansion of Lights Camera Fashion “LCF” Hamra Alam has started offering fashion design courses in Bahrain emerging the best talents in young and aspiring fashionistas, with a mission and the aim to grow together with alongside these young designers.

Fashion design is more than just opening a shop, and that is what is being taught in these fashion courses. Revealing the secrets, and essential tools to becoming a successful designer and aiding you to professionally construct your designs as well as building a professional career in artistic confidence.

Hamra, truly believes that creativity is something she can help bring out of everyone through her complimentary tutorials “draw in 60 sec” that are held every Tuesday and Wednesday between 10-11:00am at the Diplomat Radisson Blu. Your own creativity will take you by surprise.

Being the ideologist that she is along with her creativity and expansion of fashion design Hamra is also hosting a one of a kind fashion fair in the Kingdom of Bahrain as an expansion of LCF. As she couldn’t help but realize that many of the talented men and women that are her students come from different nationalities, she created this event to showcase their talent. With the belief that networking is the key factor in every business’s success, this event is catered to initiate good networking which is done best through personal contact.
The fashion fair will be held on the 28. January 2015 at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence in the Syndicate Rooms 1st Floor . Doors will open at 10 am 10pm. As knowledge and giving is important to LCF and its organization proceeds will be donated to the RIA charity organization for 2014.

Register now to enjoy fashion talks by international bloggers and fashion stylists, fashion workshops displayed by LCF student’s able and disabled kids of the Autistic centre with a special man Ali in a wheel chair who has a book signing day and dreams to open a supermarket.
and catwalks with the emerging talents of young designers starts at 8.30pm only for adults.

For more inquiries about fashion design courses please contact 0097337773986 or join one the Hamra Alam’s workshops held every Tuesday & Wednesday at the Diplomat Radisson Blue Spa.

Bring an item of clothing you have hanging spare in your wardrobe and see how we revamp it for the March event. All sizes and styles welcome.
We believe in Individual social Responsibility. Come Join us!