December 15, 2013

Our Team

Hamra Alam


Welcome to my world of Motivation, Inspiration and everything Fashion. I believe, ‘Success is a Decision’. So come and make your success story true today with us @ LCF. Enjoy my site and look forward to hearing from you.

Bader Musa

LCF Photography
For your Corporate – Fashion and Private photography.

The Passionate man has the the eye for detail and will help you with the images.

Jenny B


Sunrises and sunsets excite me, and hot chocolate on cold nights gives me the cheesiest smile you’ll ever see. I tell the worst jokes, but soften the blow by laughing at myself anyway. I intend to live a life with adventure, creativity and passion. Writing is my way of freedom, expression and opinion, it allows me to breathe and at the same time breathes life into me. I’m simply writing my way into a life full of stories and colour.

Charles F. Gary, Jr., PH.D.

Dynamic Leader and Educator with close to 20 years teaching learners of all ages and status in topics ranging from business management, soft skills, and health. He founded and has led Inspirit Education a non profit in the United States and education consultancy in Bahrian to serve the Gulf Coast Countries, East Africa, and Asia to empower individuals through capacity building and providing sustainable educational solutions

Sheen Johnson


Problem solver and an effective communicator. Passionate about arts, heritage and people. After working hours, I am a Baker indoors and a Photographer outdoors. A Blogger, too

Ammar Ali

Website Designer

I love designing and building creative, functional websites. I also have an obsession with pixel perfect design and believe in the power of simplicity. Please visit my website to see my portfolio at


Public Relations is key to a successful business. Are you are new business or an existing business that wants a helping hand with Public Relations and marketing! Let us do the work while you relax.

Isaac Nomuah

London Photographer

“Change is inevitable, progression is a choice”. A single shutter click captures moments that are gone forever, never remembered quite so vividly. Choosing to freeze changing moments are priceless.