December 15, 2013

About Us

Lights Camera Fashion (LCF) is the brainchild of Hamra Alam, an entrepreneur, a UK-based fashion designer and a talented and passionate businesswoman, who believes in sharing knowledge.

Having a history of disability in her extended family, Hamra’s life ambition has become to bring like-minded people together by giving emerging young talents an opportunity to grow, build solid relationships with businesses and at the same time give something back to society by getting charities involved in her events.

The philosophy “charity begins at home” and a keen desire to enlighten the community about the importance of accepting people with disabilities into mainstream society led to the inception of Lights Camera Fashion, an innovative business venture giving equal opportunities to all.

LCF is a platform for emerging talents and established businesses to share their experiences and promote themselves through our networking events.

To integrate into mainstream education all types of artists irrespective of their disabilities. the focus to be on their talent.

The company aims at connecting established talent, emerging talent, business people, entrepreneurs, VIP guests, ambassadors, sponsors and investors, all under one roof by:

  • International Business Consulting services for companies that want to do business with the Middle East;
  • Providing networking opportunities between like-minded people;
  • Inviting guest speakers – both able-bodied and with disabilities – from different countries to share their personal experiences and to motivate and interact with the audience;
  • Showcasing local talent on the catwalk and displaying their potential to prospective investors and sponsors;
  • Working and sharing the company’s success with charitable organizations, focusing on children and those with disabilities;
  • Developing, honing and strengthening people’s leadership qualities;
  • Empowering small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Encouraging neighboring countries to be part of LCF’s growing organization;
  • Preparing students to achieve higher goals through courses, symposiums and guest speakers, and guiding them to success following graduation.

Although LCF is a new emerging business since 2012, , it has big goals and plans for Bahrain and its neighboring countries. This is most clearly evident in its passion, dedication, motivation to succeed and drive for life, work and leadership. Hamra quotes:
“One way or another we are all born leaders.”
LCF events will be held bi-monthly, giving many companies a chance to get involved in the events and the growing network. It will showcase:

  • Sponsorship and investment opportunities for various investors to encourage and empower emerging talents;
  • Business events aimed at developing long-term relationships and friendships with new people;
  • Businesswomen’s organizations and important people from the local community.
  • Since 2014 LCF has expanded their business vision to Educate and Empower women through Fashion, with the partnership and approved certified (IOEE) Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs  – UK.
  • Lights Camera Fashion Academy – Empowers and creates new fashion entrepreneurs in the middle East irrespective of their disability and making their talent as the focal point.
  • Integrating all people under one artistic classroom.

LCF’s philosophy is to broaden people’s mindsets, horizons and encourage them to give something back to society, starting with the family, the community and, eventually, the world.