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Date : 01 July 2021

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Kids Creative Workshops

Date : 29 January 2021

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Christmas Tree Workshop

Date : 22 December 2019

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Certified Graduation Ceremony 2019

Date : 30 September 2019

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Pursuit to Happiness – Ramadan

Date : 24 MAY 2019

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In Partnership with British University of Bahrain

Date : 12 February 2019

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Gothica Show at Coda Jazz Lounge – Bahrain

Date : 25 OCTOBER 2018

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Moulin Rouge at Coda Jazz Lounge

Date : 27 SEPTEMBER 2018

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Certified Graduation Ceremony 2018 (IOEE)

Date : March 17th 2018

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Date : 11 May 2017

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Let the Runway Begin

Date : 28 May 2016

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Date : May 2015

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Date : 07 Nov 2015

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Ramadan Kareem You are not alone

Date : 02 July 2015

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Fashion & Beauty Fair

Date : 05 Mar 2015

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Fashion Entrepreneurship Show with a Cause

Date : 12 Jun 2014

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Fashion & Beauty Fair Level 1

Date : 05 Mar 2014

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Creative Communities

Date : 28 Jan 2014

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Mind Over Matter?

Date : 5 March 2013

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Rising Stars

Date : 30 Mar 2013

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Shine Your Inner Light

Date : 20 Apr 2013

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Women Empowerment through Education with the Malaysian Embassy

Date : 2013

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Hamra Alam as a Designer

Date : Jan 2013

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How do you Measure Success?

Date : 28 Jan 2012

Story About Us

The Things you Should Know


About Lights Camera Fashion

About Us

Lights Camera Fashion (LCF) is the brainchild of Hamra Alam, an entrepreneur, a UK-based fashion designer and a talented and passionate businesswoman, who believes in sharing knowledge.

Having a history of disability in her extended family, Hamra’s life ambition has become to bring like-minded people together by giving emerging young talents an opportunity to grow, build solid relationships with businesses and at the same time give something back to society by getting charities involved in her events.

The philosophy “charity begins at home” and a keen desire to enlighten the community about the importance of accepting people with disabilities into mainstream society led to the inception of Lights Camera Fashion, an innovative business venture giving equal opportunities to all.

LCF is a platform for emerging talents and established businesses to share their experiences and promote themselves through our networking events.

To integrate into mainstream education all types of artists irrespective of their disabilities. the focus to be on their talent.

The company aims at connecting established talent, emerging talent, business people, entrepreneurs, VIP guests, ambassadors, sponsors and investors, all under one roof by:

  • International Business Consulting services for companies that want to do business with the Middle East;
  • Providing networking opportunities between like-minded people;
  • Inviting guest speakers – both able-bodied and with disabilities – from different countries to share their personal experiences and to motivate and interact with the audience;
  • Showcasing local talent on the catwalk and displaying their potential to prospective investors and sponsors;
  • Working and sharing the company’s success with charitable organizations, focusing on children and those with disabilities;
  • Developing, honing and strengthening people’s leadership qualities;
  • Empowering small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Encouraging neighboring countries to be part of LCF’s growing organization;
  • Preparing students to achieve higher goals through courses, symposiums and guest speakers, and guiding them to success following graduation.

Although LCF is a new emerging business since 2012, , it has big goals and plans for Bahrain and its neighboring countries. This is most clearly evident in its passion, dedication, motivation to succeed and drive for life, work and leadership. Hamra quotes:
“One way or another we are all born leaders.”
LCF events will be held bi-monthly, giving many companies a chance to get involved in the events and the growing network. It will showcase:

  • Sponsorship and investment opportunities for various investors to encourage and empower emerging talents;
  • Business events aimed at developing long-term relationships and friendships with new people;
  • Businesswomen’s organizations and important people from the local community.
  • Since 2014 LCF has expanded their business vision to Educate and Empower women through Fashion, with the partnership and approved certified (IOEE) Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs  – UK.
  • Lights Camera Fashion Academy – Empowers and creates new fashion entrepreneurs in the middle East irrespective of their disability and making their talent as the focal point.
  • Integrating all people under one artistic classroom.

LCF’s philosophy is to broaden people’s mindsets, horizons and encourage them to give something back to society, starting with the family, the community and, eventually, the world.


Our Team

Our Team

Hamra Alam


Welcome to my world of Motivation, Inspiration and everything Fashion. I believe, ‘Success is a Decision’. So come and make your success story true today with us @ LCF. Enjoy my site and look forward to hearing from you.

Bader Musa

LCF Photography
For your Corporate – Fashion and Private photography.

The Passionate man has the the eye for detail and will help you with the images.

Jenny B


Sunrises and sunsets excite me, and hot chocolate on cold nights gives me the cheesiest smile you’ll ever see. I tell the worst jokes, but soften the blow by laughing at myself anyway. I intend to live a life with adventure, creativity and passion. Writing is my way of freedom, expression and opinion, it allows me to breathe and at the same time breathes life into me. I’m simply writing my way into a life full of stories and colour.

Charles F. Gary, Jr., PH.D.

Dynamic Leader and Educator with close to 20 years teaching learners of all ages and status in topics ranging from business management, soft skills, and health. He founded and has led Inspirit Education a non profit in the United States and education consultancy in Bahrian to serve the Gulf Coast Countries, East Africa, and Asia to empower individuals through capacity building and providing sustainable educational solutions

Sheen Johnson


Problem solver and an effective communicator. Passionate about arts, heritage and people. After working hours, I am a Baker indoors and a Photographer outdoors. A Blogger, too

Ammar Ali

Website Designer

I love designing and building creative, functional websites. I also have an obsession with pixel perfect design and believe in the power of simplicity. Please visit my website to see my portfolio at www.maroonfrog.com


Public Relations is key to a successful business. Are you are new business or an existing business that wants a helping hand with Public Relations and marketing! Let us do the work while you relax.

Isaac Nomuah

London Photographer

“Change is inevitable, progression is a choice”. A single shutter click captures moments that are gone forever, never remembered quite so vividly. Choosing to freeze changing moments are priceless.






All ages benefit from education so we take pride in donating to the Rehabilitation Institute for Autism and offer Voluntary Fashion & Design Classes.




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What we really can provide

Fashion & Design Courses


Individual Social



Individual Social Responsibilty


It is the higher sense of ALTRUISM a form of feelings and behavior that show a desire to help other people and a lack of selfishness without wanting anything back.
Spirit of Oneness_ISR_2

‘You are not Alone, Spirit of Oneness’

‘Children are the lanterns of life’.
Hamra Alam’s rainbow event of creativity, care and support, The Spirit of Oneness is going to be a thrilling experience for the children and their parents. Designed around the central theme of the creativeness and selfless giving, the event will bring out the creativity of the children aged 10 and above. Spirit of Oneness is about instilling the real spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.

The 3-day event is being organized at the Diplomat Radisson Residence and Spa at the Muharraq ballroom. The Main event falls on the 23rd of June 2015 and starts at 9PM onwards. A creative workshop for the kids will be followed by a short speech on Individual Social Responsibility, (ISR ) with lots of giving and gifts for Children.

“Spirit of Oneness is to be truly an altruistic one”, says Hamra Alam, “that I believe we all should have”. Children will experience the depth of giving and sharing through various activities. They will experience the act of giving with all their hearts and that is no small feat to achieve.

June 24th and 25th, the event is open to all children of Bahrain and continues at the same venue in the main lobby of the hotel. We invite you all to come and share the joy of giving during Ramadan. “If you haven’t given from your heart, then you haven’t given at all,” concludes Hamra.

Come and see the childrens’ creativity at play.

Donation proceeds all for the Children of Autism and Cancer patients,

Tel: 0097334239198

Childrens Creative



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